For first update of 2013, Guild Wars 2 goes big with guesting

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 guesting january update

The much-awaited guesting feature, which allows Guild Wars 2 players to visit and play with friends on different same-region servers, headlines the January update.

Releasing on January 28, the “Flame & Frost Prelude” update also ushers in a whole host of new features for the fantasy MMORPG, including:

- Guesting to allow playing with friends on different worlds without having to transfer. The guesting feature rolls out as ArenaNet removes the free weekly transfers in favor for a gem-paid transfer scheme.

- A new storyline will play out over the coming months, one that all players can enjoy.

- New achievement currency called laurels for daily/monthly achievements and new items you can buy with the new currency. There will also be rotating daily achievements every day of the week. Laurels can be redeemed for new Ascended gear and Infusions.

- One Week, Two-Team PvP Tournaments and a new PvP Map permanently added to the rotation.

- Several more game improvements and balancing enhancements.

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has also updated the gem store with new items that should take the subscription free rpg by storm, such as Baby Quaggan Backpacks, Riding Brooms and a revamped Box o’ Fun.


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