Guild Wars 2 hosting a free refer-a-friend trial this weekend

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 free trial refer friend

Guild Wars 2 players can invite up to three friends to experience the second major content update, The Lost Shores, for free from November 15 to 18.

“To make it easier than ever for friends to share in the mystery and epic events of the Lost Shores update, Guild Wars 2 will be opening its doors for a refer-a-friend trial period,” said ArenaNet. Only players who have purchased the game will be able to send out the refer-a-friend invites, which can now be done so by signing into one’s Guild Wars 2 account.

ArenaNet is hoping that it can court new recruits to the popular subscription free online rpg after seeing the exciting new content coming with the The Lost Shores update for November.

The Lost Shores has been dubbed as a “mini-expansion” due to its size and scope. It will roll out a three-day event chain starting on November 16 with the emergence of a new sea monster Karka threat, leading up to the defense of Lion’s Arch on November 17 then the retaliatory pushback and final fight deep in the Karka lair on November 18.

The Lost Shores update also introduces a new zone to explore accessible to everyone in the mmo game regardless of level, a new dungeon, a new PvP map, additional tier of items between Exotic and Legendary, new weapon skins and item enhancements, and 200 new crafting recipes.


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