Guild Wars 2 releases Fractured update

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 fractured update launch

Time to get cracking on the Guild Wars 2 Fractured update, which introduces not one, not two, but five freaking fractals.

Long have fractal fans suffered through the monotony of beating The Jade Maw over and over again as the sole boss in the Fractals of the Mists. Now, the boss gets a couple of threatening buddies in the form of Captain Mai Trin and the Molten Alliance duo. The three normal ones will have you venturing deep into the Thaumanova Reactor, Aetherblade base or Molten facility.

Watch the official Fractured update trailer for a quick content refresher:

The Fractured update should also pique the interest of MMO hardcores who find fractals too much of a cakewalk to be worth the attempts.

Level designers have upped the difficulty curve and made progression overall more exciting with the addition of challenging Mistlock Instabilities to higher levels, introducing a leaderboard to track fractal tier progression, and offering fresh rewards that remain relevant to the latest patch.

If this doesn't entice you to run a few fractals, then the promise of a special story instance in the Thaumanova Reactor Fractal might get you moving.

The online rpg also fires up its cosplaying scene with the arrival of new Flame Armors at the Gem Store, one for each of the weight classes, and each featuring smoldering flame effects.


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