Guild Wars 2 announces new features for Fractals of the Mists

By Tam Mageean
guild wars 2 fractured

Guild Wars 2 plans on sending you into the furthest corners of Tyria in its new "Fractured" events campaign. The heroes of Guild Wars 2 will take on a never-ending gauntlet of dungeons in the multi-faceted Fractals of the Mists, where a bunch of new features have been added.

Guild Wars 2's Fractals of the Mists is getting an overhaul; with the addition of leaderboards, an adjusted difficulty curve and loads of new challenges in-store for the MMO's mini-venture.

Kiel, the new Lion's Arch consulate has allowed a push in research in the Mists has unlocked exploration of the Thaumanova Reactor, with the Molten Furnace and Aetherblade fractal both revealing themselves too. New Boss Fractals have also been made available, and some existing fractals have received their own tweaks, including new fractal rotations, so be sure to take a good look around your fractured environments, as thing may not be as you remember them.

Brave challengers will be rewarded more handsomely, with Gold added to the reward yields at all levels, alongside new items, runes and sigils in the tougher fractals.

NCSoft will be previewing all of the new features for the fantasy MMORPG on their Twitch livestream on November 27th, but you'll have access to all the new content from the 26th.


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