Guild Wars 2 marks first anniversary with milestone infographic

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 first anniversary infographic

The Guild Wars 2 first anniversary infographic showcases some impressive milestones for the mmorpg.

It also uncovers curious facts about the playerbase, like how the Human race has proven to be the overwhelming favorite, with 36% of characters made being Human. Meanwhile the Warrior profession has been the most popular, although not blatantly so.

ArenaNet released the infographic in celebration of the Guild Wars 2 first year anniversary. The game launched back in August 28, 2012.

Guild Wars 2 infographic

By selling more than 3.5 million games in just one year, ArenaNet is claiming for Guild Wars 2 the title of "Fastest Selling MMO in History".

The rest of the infographic gives a sense of the enormous amount of player and developer activity that has so far been poured into the online rpg.

For example, over 1 billion trading post transactions and 45 Petabytes of content have been completed since last year.

We also get to discover the most notorious player killer in Guild Wars 2 -- the Risen Thrall, the undead rampaging monstrosities that roam around the Zhaitan region.

ArenaNet also proudly said that the average release date between its content updates is 18.9 days, or roughly two and a half weeks, which should put plenty of other mmorpg developers to shame.


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