Guild Wars 2 expansion coming out in second half of 2013, says Korean analyst

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 expansion 2013 analyst

KDB Daewoo Securities predicts that NCsoft will release a Guild Wars 2 expansion in the US and Europe either in the third or fourth quarter this year.

“We expect NCsoft to release an expansion pack for Guild Wars 2 in Europe and the US in 2H13,” said the Korea-based securities market analyst in its latest company report on the online RPG Games maker NCsoft.

It also expects the Guild Wars 2 expansion to sell at around 1.5 million copies in 2013, basing its sales prediction on past performance of the original Guild Wars.

“Based on the performance of Guild Wars 1 (1.6mn CDs sold since March 2006; 1.1mn copies of the first expansion pack sold since October 2006; 1.5mn copies of the second expansion pack sold since August 2007), we expect Guild Wars 2 to sell 3.12mn CDs in 2012 and conservatively assume that its first expansion pack will sell 1.5mn copies in 2013.”

In reviewing Guild Wars 2’s performance in the fourth quarter of 2012, the market analyst estimated sales to have reached 118 billion won ($111 million), and one of few mmo games driving growth for the company, as sales for Aion, Lineage 2 and Blade & Soul likely remained flat for the same period.


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