Guild Wars 2 dares you to Escape from Lion's Arch

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 escape lions arch release

There's nothing like a burning city for a new Guild Wars 2 patch! The just-released update called Escape from Lion's Arch is a mad rush to save the city's panicked populace as super villain Scarlet Briar and her dark allies trample over the flourishing metropolis and try to reduce it to smoldering ash.

We'll leave it to ArenaNet to paint the picture of sheer pandemonium that has befallen the city and its resident rpg heroes:

"In Escape from Lion’s Arch, players battle alongside the Lionguard to take on Scarlet’s dark allies and evacuate as many citizens from the city as possible. They will face ferocious challenges as her minions roam freely through the besieged city and in the waters of the harbor. To protect the innocent, players will have to battle everything from the brutal charr of the Flame Legion and the towering clockwork watchknights to vicious creatures such as the krait and the feared Aetherblade sky pirates," said ArenaNet.

Or if you hate reading, just watch this Escape from Lion's Arch trailer:

So basically in Escape from Lion's Arch, players will be facing a hodgepodge of the toughest enemies in recent MMO patches. Victory should mean pushing back Scarlet Briar and her army, while defeat will mean a massacre of refugees and possibly the start of the end of mankind as one of its greatest cities falls to ruin.

If it seems like ArenaNet is going just a tad bit too far with its storyline -- a player city being plunged into the brink of destruction -- that's only because we're already at the penultimate chapter of the Scarlet Briar saga. We can't wait for the final chapter to unfold and see how it'll top Escape from Lion's Arch.


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