Guild Wars 2 sets course for Edge of the Mists realm

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 edge of the mists trailer

Untainted and undiscovered, the Edge of the Mists realm won't stay that way for long. Guild Wars 2 heroes and Scarlet Briar's sky pirates will converge and cross swords in this remote location, turning it into the mmo's next World vs. World map.

If the name itself is giving you an eerie vibe, then wait till you watch this Edge of Mists realm trailer:


The video doesn't say much about the Edge of the Mists.

"There is a place / Beyond time and space / Hidden from sight / And untouched by Scarlet's schemes / Until now / Chaos has come to the Edge of the Mists," so goes the narrator.

From these words plus the visuals, we get a few hints about the Edge of the Mists.

First, the realm is likely an otherworldly destination that can't be reached by normal travel methods -- definitely outside Tyria but accessible through a tear in time and space.

Second, the realm holds an important value for Scarlet Briar, the main arch villain in the online rpg, that she'll send her minions there. Of course where Scarlet sees fit to unleash wanton destruction is also one that our heroes will want to protect and safeguard. We know Scarlet's ultimate goal is to see Tyria burn, and she will go any lengths -- even cross dimensions -- to get the job done.

What the Edge of the Mists actually is and why it's such a strategic nexus, we'll have to find out together when the the realm opens up on February 4 or next Tuesday.


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