Dragon Bash festival lights up Guild Wars 2

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 dragon bash festival

The month-long Guild Wars 2 event has begun, promising fireworks, dragon effigies, dodge ball, moa racing and other frivolously fun activities.

ArenaNet has devised the Dragon Bash festival mainly for the casual crowd, focusing less on raids and PvPs while piling on amusing distractions that give away rewards for mere participation.

Guild Wars 2 fans can expect a four straight days of continuous fireworks display starting at 9AM PDT on Friday, June 14 until 12PM PDT on Monday, June 17. The fireworks are scheduled to go off every couple of hours during those dates.

Just attending a full fireworks show will net a player a majestic Horns of the Dragon item.

After painting the sky with dazzling colors, the Guild Wars 2 developers will then ask players to light dragon effigies in the Grand Piazza beginning June 18. Dancing around these effigies provides a temporary boost to help with your MMO questing or raiding.

The Dragon Ball game also makes a grand return to the free online rpg, with participants needing to dodge perfectly if they hope to score the rewards. But it will be more a matter of luck than skill to win in the Moa Racing betting game.

Dragon piƱatas will even be scattered across the Guild Wars 2 game world, and players will be able to smash them for candy buffs.

That's not to say that smash-happy fans received nothing in this update. PvP leaderboards have been improved to inflict rank decay on inactive players, rewarding those who consistently participate in PvP. The new update also releases the Authorized Shoutcaster Program for even more thrilling broadcasts of high-ranked PvP team fights.


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