Guild Wars 2 critical damage changes explained

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 critical damage changes

With the new ferocity stat changing the way critical damage is computed starting this April, ArenaNet thought it prudent to discuss in detail why critical damage is being overhauled in Guild Wars 2 and how exactly this will lead to a better combat experience for everyone.

First among the Guild Wars 2 critical damage changes is that ferocity will be introduced as a normal stat that works like vitality and toughness, starting at a base of 0 and increases with gear, traits or buffs. Below is a screenshot of how the new attributes panel will look with ferocity now taken into account:

Guild Wars 2 new UI screenshot

Your bonus critical damage go up as you put more points into ferocity. This will work alongside the existing precision stat that improves your critical hit chance.

Accordingly, all armors and weapons with outright critical damage bonus will receive an equivalent amount of ferocity.

Trait lines, traits, and skills which give bonus critical damage have been tweaked as well.

MMO balance designers insist this shift to the use of a ferocity stat will lead to more normalized critical damage across items, and effectively give players more options when choosing how to itemize for critical damage.

This also promotes diversity in builds across the online rpg. Now stacking critical damage is no longer the significantly most superior way to win in battle, particularly because the Guild Wars 2 critical damage rework lowers current maximum obtainable values while still keeping the damage competitive enough compared to other stat-focused builds.


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