Guild Wars 2 is bound for China

By Tam Mageean
guild wars 2 china

18 months after Guild Wars 2 stormed the Western front, the high-fantasy mmorpg has turned to take on the Eastern market. Kongzhong Corporation, the same company responsible for taking Wargaming's World of Tanks to China has struck a deal with ArenaNet that will allow them to licence the game in China.

Kongzhong Corp. issued a statement today, announcing that a Guild Wars 2 closed beta will be available, for the first time in China, on March 11th.

The company have also confirmed that it will be adopting the same "buy the box, then play", subscription-less service that has been adopted by the Guild Wars franchise in North America and Europe. Those lucky enough to be selected for Guild Wars 2 China's closed beta test will get two weeks of beta testing, while developers align the mmo for the Chinese market. Besides from a couple of minor, user-requested changes to the tutorial system, Guild Wars 2 China will be almost identical to the Western edition.

Despite China getting the game 18 months later, they won't be 18 months behind, in terms of development. KongZhong plan to synchronize Guild Wars 2's updates to ensure that gamers everywhere receive the same content at the same time, and receive the same level of service.

The introduction of a subscription-less mmo into China is very-much welcomed and quite unique, as "freemium" free to play titles and time-based subscriptions are most prevalent.

Chinese gamers can apply for the closed beta here.


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