Guild Wars 2 "Bazaar of the Four Winds" update is now live

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 bazaar of the four winds release

Bazaar of the Four Winds is a whistle-worthy Guild Wars 2 update chock-full of events, rewards and brand-new PvP map.

Watch Guild Wars 2 developer Lief Chapelle's lievstream preview of the breezy new update.

The newest update will see players taking to the skies to trade, learn new movement skills and fight for control of the new Skyhammer PvP map.

Right from the launch of Bazaar of the Four Winds on July 9, three new events will be activated. This includes the new mini-game Belcher's Buff, the air racing competition Sanctum Spirit, and the scavenger hunt called Lessons From the Sky.

Participating in all three events will not only be a fun pastime for players, but will also be quite fulfilling as these give out special rewards.

The Sanctum Spirit, for instance, will hand out stunningly designed special back items. The events will be available to all MMO players and will likely require tasks for completion to earn the event meta achievement.

Why bother? When completed, the Bazaar of the Four Winds meta achievement will unlock a daily resource Quartz node in a player's home instance. Quartz promises to be a very in-demand resource as it will only be introduced in Bazaar of the Four Winds and will be needed to craft new recipes.

Meanwhile, PvP fans can head to the new Skyhammer PvP map to not only fight for supremacy but also discover all the cool new mechanisms installed in the map -- from jump pads to shattering floor panels to a mega cannon. These distractions make the task of controlling all three capture points a little bit trickier, but also a lot more amusing.

Bazaar of the Four Winds is the first update that is part of the new two-week content roll-out schedule for the online rpg. By mid-July, expect Guild Wars 2 to receive a new update.


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