Guild Wars 2 pushes out April feature pack

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 april 2014 feature pack

The Guild Wars 2 April feature pack is here and it's gone and made the exceptionally polished mmorpg slicker and more streamlined.

Taking a break from its famously fast content release schedule, ArenaNet has reviewed its Guild Wars 2 game systems and features to see where it can further improve.

This feature pack is the first of what promises to be multiple releases aimed at bringing outdated, imbalanced or unimpressive features up to par to players' exacting standards.

April introduces the megaserver system, which connects more players than ever before, and will shake up the status quo in guilds, World vs. World and open-world boss encounters.

Guild Wars 2 April Feature Pack

Guild Wars 2 fans should also be pleased by the arrival of much-requested features such as the Wardrobe system, which drastically expands visual customization for characters.

Existing features also get a nice polishing, most especially the traits system and armor repair costs. Player feedback even convinced the developers to remove PvP gear altogether, opting for gear unification as well as a new PvP rewards track.

With the changes to the online rpg, ArenaNet hopes to build a more tight-knit community and empower players with greater freedom on how they want to play, dress up and progress their character.


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