The Aftermath begins in Guild Wars 2

By Tam Mageean
guild wars 2 aftermath

Scarlet's reign of terror has gone on for months now, in Guild Wars 2, but at long last; the tables are starting to turn. 

Things started to ramp up around 6 months ago, as part of the mmo's unique, Living World project, with the Tower of Nightmares and culminating towards the most recent event; The Battle for Lion's Arch.

Scarlet has been slowly overrunning the mmorpg realm of Tyria with all kinds of dastardly obstacles, from deadly, hallucinogenic toxic gases to the earth-shattering airship-drill; the Breachmaker.

Guild Wars 2 Scarlet Aftermath

As the Battle for Lion's Arch draws to a close, Scarlet can be seen, impaled and defeated in the event's final cinematic, but not without an ominous, sinister smile fixed firmly on her face. She may have died, but her plans are far from over, and it would appear that the Breachmaker has completed its course, tearing huge fissures throughout the landscape.

Has Scarlet won? The only way to find out is to log on to the mmo and see for yourself, as Battle for Lion's Arch: The Aftermath falls into place, as the final puzzle-piece of the year-long Scarlet saga.

The update is now in effect, and it's up to the heroes of Tyria to pick up the pieces, and start to rebuild from the wreckage.

For a full list of details on the Guild Wars 2 update, be sure to check out the official GW2 website.


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