Guild Wars 2 News

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire preview weekend announced
Guild Wars 2 took everybody by surprise a couple of weeks ago when they announced their upcoming Path of Fire expansion. It took three years for the fantasy mmorpg to get its first expansion, Heart of Thorns, but now players can enjoy the second expansion after just two years. Even more intriguing is that the wait time between the announcement and launch for the expansion is only two months. There are some great new features to be found in the up...
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Aug 10 2017
Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire announced
It took three full years before Guild Wars 2 saw its first expansion, but the mmo is moving a lot faster when it comes to their second one. ArenaNet today announced that players can look forward to the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire expansion that is slated to be released in less than two months from now. It's kind of mind-boggling not to have months and months of hype and sneak peeks offered up about this expansion, but I'm sure players are ...
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Aug 01 2017
How should MMO RMTs be handled?
From the dawn of time, man has always been looking how to make a buck. The virtual worlds of online games have provided a new area of opportunity for those seeking to barter virtual services for real life cash, made all the easier by modern technology like the internet. Of course, the exchange of goods and services for money is the foundation of any economy. We all know about mmo rmts (real money transactions) from the long-discussed issue of gol...
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Jul 18 2017
Guild Wars 2 legendary armor announced
For most mmo players, the armor that their character wears is very near and dear to their hearts. The best armor not only provides great stats but also looks damn cool as well. Many gamers spend countless hours running endgame raids and dungeons to get the most awesome looking sets of armor possible. The upcoming Guild Wars 2 Flashpoint update is set to scratch that cool armor itch. In a new blog post, ArenaNet goes into detail of the new Guild W...
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Apr 26 2017
Top five solo mmo games
It is true that the "massively multiplayer" aspect of mmorpg games has been reduced over the last few years. In fact, a lot of gamers question any new game being developed on how solo-friendly it will be. There are a number of reasons why mmo games are catering to the single player, such as a reluctance of gamers to group with others or players just looking for some quick action and then logging back out. There are both positive and negative feat...
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Apr 18 2017
How mmos can emulate the Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box event
One of the highlights of playing online games is partaking in mmo events. Such instances serve as a welcome change of pace from the normal grind associated with most games. However, not all mmo events are created equal. Quite a few are fun and offer a happy diversion while others are just slapdash affairs that offer little joy. Then there are those mmo events that seem to rise far above the others, as is the case with the Super Adventure Box even...
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Apr 06 2017
Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival begins
It's time for mmo players to jump with joy. The Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival kicks off today. Players can once again partake of Moto's fabulous creation, the retro-themed Super Adventure Box. This game-within-a-game has proven to be one of the most popular activities ever released for Guild Wars 2.The Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival allows players to enjoy the platform jumping action of the Super Adventure Box. This whimsical e...
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Mar 30 2017
Guild Wars 2 The Head of the Snake now live
You would think the crisis of facing two elder dragons would be enough for the denizens of Guild Wars 2, but then there are always other factions that look at such events as an opportunity. Such is the case in the fantasy mmorpg where a faction looks to bring down Queen Jennah once and for all. The new Guild Wars 2 The Head of the Snake update is now live and is the latest chapter in Season 3 of the Living World storyline.The core components ...
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Feb 08 2017
Guild Wars 2 A Very Merry Wintersday returns
There are some great things to enjoy during the holiday season, such as spending time with family and the sharing of gifts. Another awesome facet of the holidays is that gamers can enjoy some great events in their favorite online rpg. The festive event of A Very Merry Wintersday returns to the land of Tyria (Guild Wars 2) beginning today, offering some holiday-themed activities and gift-giving cheer. The Guild Wars 2 A Very Merry Wintersday event...
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Dec 13 2016
Guild Wars 2 announces A Crack in the Ice
One would think that the death of the dragon Mordremoth would have made life easier for the denizens of Guild Wars 2. However, the opposite seems to be true as the game's virtual world is in even greater turmoil as factions are popping up everywhere to claim the magic that was released by the dragon's death. ArenaNet has announced that the storyline continues in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice chapter of season three of the Living Wo...
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Nov 15 2016