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The highly anticipated Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy MMORPG games, sequel to the hugely popular Guild Wars.  

There are many new and improved features in Guild Wars 2. The world of Tyria, in all its vastness has been beautifully developed with an incredible amount of attention to detail. The choices that you make in game will have an impact on the world around you. The story lines are personalized, so the world is what you will make it. There have also been changes to the intensity of character customization. There are eight individual professions that you can choose from and five different styles of races. There is the traditional strong willed, noble Human, the feline styled Charr, the mystical and enchanting Sylvari, the powerful Norn and the vastly ingenious Asura.

Another key feature for Guild Wars 2 was the much anticipated innovative combat. You can learn new skills, perform amazing combos and use all new environmental weapons. The PVP (Player vs. Player) combat system is another feature that has got people talking. You can join in on world vs world warfare which is guaranteed to be an experience like none other attempted before. You can also attend to the arena to test your skills and strength against other plays on a smaller level.

The controls and movement system has been greatly modified in comparison to Guild Wars. It is no longer a requirement to click to move within the game. The whole game engine has been vastly improved upon, which will let it to support the more intense environment. This will allow players to appreciate the lighting and shadow effects and the new audio and cinematic features. Although not due out until further notice (before the end of 2012) Guild Wars 2 is available to pre-purchase now from their official website.

By Rachel Rosen




Guild Wars 2 graphics

Guild Wars 2 is like a dreamy painting that’s come to digital life. It has a fantasy art style that favors the use of lush pastels over the bright pop colors of anime rpgs or the brooding shades of too-serious MMOs. On a scale, it is two notches above cute and one notch below cinematic slick. The environments, characters, UI and combat effects all blend together smoothly instead of fighting one another for your attention. This makes for a soothing visual experience.

While not exactly what you would call next-gen, Guild Wars 2 graphics can be mistaken as such by those who are coming from a simpler browser MMORPG. The quality jump is that noticeable, unless you have been playing the likes of newer releases like TERA or Aion, in which case, Guild Wars 2 is like the more demure, but classically prettier cousin.

Guild wars 2 visuals

Despite its high-production visuals, Guild Wars 2 has flexible graphics settings that you can boost or lower depending on your PC set-up. Even at the lowest settings though the game looked more inviting than half the online rpg titles out there. No less can be expected given the number of world-class artists and concept designers hired by developer ArenaNet.

The only time you will possibly cringe at the visuals is during dynamic events and World vs. World fights where more than a dozen players converge in a single location. The sheer amount of battle effects, conditions, boons, damage numbers and character movement can become overwhelming.


Guild Wars 2’s music is pleasant enough to the ears. The song tracks you hear while exploring the online rpg change according to your environment and combat status. If you’re strolling across a bright meadow, the background music is chirpy and calming. Enter into a battle and it picks up in tempo. It soars to panic-inducing against event and raid bosses that can only be defeated with the combined strength of multiple heroes. Voice acting is polished and believable, especially during the main storyline quests. NPCs also have amusing one-line zingers that are varied enough to avoid being grating. Walking through the capital cities, you will also overhear amusing chatter between NPCs that add a nice touch to the immersion. It’s as if the world is going about its business and you just happen to be passing by. Even your character is fully voiced, although there is no customization option to let you change it.


Tyria, the world of Guild Wars 2, is besieged by ancient dragons with unfathomable power and malevolent instinct to destroy. They are the greatest source of suffering in the world, which is why all the major races come together despite their differences to try and survive the dragon threat. Your personal storyline is determined based on your choices when you first create your character. Your race, profession and character traits – all chosen at the start of the game -- will dictate how your so-called “personal story” plays out.

Guild Wars 2 character creation

But your hero does not start off with a goal of defeating the big bad dragons. That will come much later in the game when you are actually powerful enough and influential enough to chase the Elder dragons. The initial story quests try to settle you into the world instead, slowly building you up as a renowned hero worthy enough to challenge the dragon menace. Despite being a sequel to Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 does not reference much to its predecessor, which is great for new players just coming into the franchise.


Guild Wars 2 is heavily structured around combat and leveling. You will need to fight and level up to move forward. There are no alternative progression paths, just in case you were wondering if you can craft your way to the endgame. Questing and exploration are highly directed which can be a boon if you’re the type who likes to cross off things in a to-do list – or in this case, a must-visit map shown below. But discover-for-myself types might be put off by this direct spoonfeeding.

Guild Wars 2 map

Meanwhile, combat in Guild Wars 2 revolves around a weapon system. Depending on your chosen profession and the weapon you equip, you will gain access to a handful of offensive, defensive or support skills. Equipping a sword as a Mesmer, for example, unlocks close-quarters slashing attacks while switching to a staff unlocks long-range projectile attacks and status effect area bombs. Usually, you will try out all the available weapons and gravitate towards two to three, which you will then support by investing in enhancement traits and skills. Some professions and weapons are naturally difficult to play. This leaves it to you to experiment and discover which of the weapon specializations and builds will suit your combat approach. The upside to this is no matter which profession you choose, you can tweak it to charge into the front lines, shoot from the back, or support the party by managing buffs or de-buffs.

All characters are also given access to self-heals and dodging, which shifts the responsibility of survival to each individual player instead of a role that tanks and healers usually play. Such flexibility leads many to say that Guild Wars 2 destroys the MMO trinity concept – the idea of having designated tanks, healers and damage dealers. This isn’t to say you can’t create a tank-like or healer-like character build; in some situations like guarding an area in World vs. World, doing so can be quite effective actually. As an aside, Guild Wars has a cash shop called the Black Lion Trading Company gem store that mainly sells cosmetic improvements and temporary convenience boosts.

Unique Fun Factor

You won’t find a lot of totally unique features in Guild Wars 2. But unique takes on established concepts? Yes many times over. Two examples stand out in particular.

First is the World vs. World vs. World system – a PvP battleground where players from three servers vie for territory and control. A mix of exciting incentives, a weekly updated realm leaderboard system, and success based on teamwork instead of who has the most number of high-level characters ensured that each realm’s population has a reason to pitch in.

Guild Wars 2 world

Second are the skill and trait customization systems shown above which help players try out builds while ensuring that mistakes aren’t lethal enough to warrant a re-roll. All choices are beneficial to combat, but well thought out selections can be beneficial to certain match-ups.


  • Game world is not only beautiful to behold but also a pleasure to interact with and explore.
  • Infuses witty humor and colorful personality in casual NPC conversations and quests; the light-heartedness does not feel forced nor does it take away from the professional production values.
  • Its improved take on World vs. World and structured PvP can convince even pacifists to crack open some heads.


  • Visual effects sometimes become too cluttered during group events to the point of affecting your combat performance.
  • Little room for self-discovery since most interesting spots are marked on the map, and most achievements are laid out in check lists.
  • Some classes are noticeably more difficult to play than others, which can trip up some unsuspecting newbies.


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Guild Wars 2 Guide: How to Customize Your Hero Character

2012-09-03 16:17:39 - By Michael Jamias

Guild Wars 2 is out now and no doubt you will want your character to look like no one else’s. Luckily, developer ArenaNet has designed the game with enough character and costume customization options to help you stand apart from the millions of other avatars running around in Tyria. This guide will help you tinker with the initial creation controls, then drop some hints on naming, then give a broad overview of the gear slots available to your newly made character.

Initial Creation Controls
Your Guild Wars 2 adventure starts with the initial creation sequence. This is one of the most important steps in defining the look of your character. Your choice of race, profession, physical appearance and accessories during this stage will mostly become permanent for the duration of the game outside of what will likely be paid barbershop and name change services.

So take as much time as you want to get your character looking exactly the way you want him or her to be on your first go-around.

Choosing a Race – There are five playable races in Guild Wars 2 (in order of decreasing height): The giant-like Norn, feline humanoid Charr, plantborn Sylvari, Humans and the halfling-sized Asura.

Guild Wars 2 races

If you want a tall and muscular character, go with the first two. The Sylvari offers a slim physique and leaf-colored skin, while the Asura exude a mouse-like appearance and patterned skin. Meanwhile, the Humans look just like you and me.

Choosing a Gender – Once you have settled on a race, then you will need to choose between a male and female version. Aside from the obvious anatomical differences between the two genders, there are minor but still noticeable differences in clothing styles for male and female characters. Thankfully, ArenaNet has wisely avoided the folly of other MMORPG Games that typecast females into sexy and revealing clothing.

Guild Wars 2 gender

Guild Wars 2 armor

In Guild Wars 2, the armor template for both male and females are basically identical, save for a few details such as a differing shoulder design or boot height. Also, females are slightly smaller than males by default.

Choosing a Profession – There are eight professions in Guild Wars 2 – Elementalist, Engineer, Guardian, Mesmer, Necromancer, Ranger, Thief and Warrior -- with more slated for release if its predecessor online rpg, Guild Wars is any indication. These professions can be further classified into three sub-groups based on their armor.

Heavy Armor users, like the Paladin pictured below as well as the Warrior, tend to look bulky and covered up in metal. Their general appearance is intimidating and indomitable, as if it would take a hundred blows to knock them to the ground or a ballista to piece through their thick defenses.

Guild Wars 2 heavy armor

Medium Armor users like the ranger pictured below as well as the Engineer and Thief, also look ferocious in their gear, but with a more primal and dexterous feel to them. Materials range from animal bones to sturdy but lightweight leather fabrics that allow them more flexibility than Heavy Armor users. Mobility and survivability are both key themes for these professions, and their Medium Armor designs show that.

Guild Wars 2 ranger

Light Armor users like the Elementalist shown below, as well as the Mesmer and Necromancer, wear layers of cloth fabrics which allow unrestricted movement for them to perform their magical feats. Robes are usually between floor- to knee-length, and are often in vivid colors (of course, with a thematic exception to the dour Necromancers who prefer darker hues.)

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist

To sum up, Heavy Armor professions look and feel like gladiators. Medium Armor professions are a shoe-in for explorers and hunters. And the Light Armor professions sport a scholarly look.

Certain professions like the Necromancer and Mesmer, for example, sport distinctive masks. Experiment with each profession before finalizing your choice; you can always retrace your steps to reverse a choice you made.

Guild Wars 2 professions

Choosing Your Appearance - Race, gender and professions done. Now comes the chance to really make your character your own. Guild Wars 2 lets you the following aspects of your appearance:

  • Body Features – height and physique – use this to determine how tall and muscular your character will be

Guild Wars 2 body features

  • Head Options – hairstyles, hair color, face – coupled with face details, these will be your character’s mug shot to the world. Zoom in and out to see how your character would look in a variety of distances.

Guild Wars 2 head options

  • Face Details – eyes, nose, ears – lets you affix an expression to your character, whether it’s a friendly façade or a mean snarl

Guild Wars 2 face details

  • Armor Dyes – upper, lower, footwear – the perennial problem with other online rpg titles is how when you pick up a specific piece of gear and wear it, the pre-set design and color fails to match the other pieces, leaving you looking like a badly dressed fool. No more of that in Guild Wars 2 as armor pieces get dyed to the set color you want.

Guild Wars 2 gear color

Naming Your Character
Before entering the Guild Wars 2 world with your newly minted character, you will have to give it a name. This is one of the most personal customizations you will ever make. Some players do so out of convenience, trying to take easily recognizable names like Bob, Samantha or Richard.

Guild Wars 2 character name

Of course, most of these single names will be taken before long. A nice workaround is to give your character two names within the 19 character-limit (including spaces.) If you plan on making many characters, you can even settle on a shared last name that will make all of them a little bit more recognizable even when you are switching back and forth on your main and alts.

Gear Slots
Throughout playing Guild Wars 2, you will pick up thousands of items, many of which will be equippable to your character. Not all of these will alter the appearance of your character; only seven armor slots will do this. Namely, these are the head, shoulders, chest, gloves, leg, feet and back slot items. In contrast, gear slots such as rings and accessory items do not change your outward look.

Guild Wars 2 gear slots

Weapons also help complete your total outfit, and your pick of offensive arms will be dictated by your profession. Even though most gear decisions will be based on which is more powerful, dedicated role-players and enthusiasts alike will hunt for the most pleasing gear pieces that can be worn while hanging out at the capital cities. For good measure, try keeping a few special-looking armor and weapons for those times you simply want to show off your dashingly dressed character.

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