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  • Guild Wars: attributes

    Guild Wars: attributes
    As your campaign character levels up, you earn attribute points which can be assigned to different skills. Fire magic increases my...
    Guild Wars: attributes

    Guild Wars: pvp

    Guild Wars: pvp
    Not a fan of PvE? Make a PvP character. It will be max level and you can use either a preset template or make a custom character. ...
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    Guild Wars: click

    Guild Wars: click
    Click on an enemy to run within range and start autoattacking them. Don't forget to use your equipped spells....
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    Guild Wars: quests

    Guild Wars: quests
    The campaign is story driven. Remember to complete quests for rewards like items, money, experience, or even skills....
    Guild Wars: quests

Guild Wars Gameplay

Guild Wars Gameplay

Guild Wars is a fantasy mmorpg developed by ArenaNet and published by Ncsoft. Guild Wars was one of the first mmorpg games that didn't require a subscription fee. The original Guild Wars, also known as Guild Wars Prophecies, was released in 2005. Three additional campaigns (expansion packs) followed. To access all zones and unlock all characters, players need all the campaigns. Guild Wars characters have a primary and a secondary profession. The primary profession is rather general and impacts only visual characteristics and type of armor. The secondary profession will influence skills, abilities and stats. Skills are of all sorts in Guild Wars. There are weapon skills, buff skills, pet skills, armor skills and so on. Skills allow players to customize their character play style. All Guild Wars characters start in a new players area. NPCs will teach you Guild Wars basic notions like controlling a character and combat mechanics.

Guild Wars online rpg has 2 types of gameplay. Players can choose PvP or PvE. For every type there are multiple choices. PvE content involves completing quests, missions and learning about Guild Wars lore. Players can opt in for a solo play style or team up with friends. Missions are story driven quests. Players form a party and adventure into the world to kill mobs and explore. Elite missions are harder than normal missions. They require preparation and attention from the entire team. Dungeons are areas where players fight stronger mobs and bosses. Challenge missions are not related to the story. They are more like endurance quests. Upon completing PvE tasks, players get experience and various items as rewards. PvP players can fight in arenas. A PvP arena team has maximum 4 players. There is a tournament called Heroes Ascent where players battle 8 vs 8. Guild Wars supports massive battles between entire guilds. Winning in PvP allows players to get higher ranks and purchase all sorts of items.

The guild concept is very important in Guild Wars mmorpg. A guild is a bunch of people with common interests. Alliances are formed when 10 guilds join forces. For people who seek a challenge, Guild Wars mmo offers hard modes. Guild Wars players can create custom outfits by using costumes. Costumes are a way to change the way a piece of armor looks. Stats and attributes on that certain armor remain unchanged. Guild Wars hosts regular events. They can be related to real holidays or a special in game celebration. During an event, players can complete new quests and gain event related items. Guild Wars also has community contests that reward creativity and original ideas.

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