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  • Grand Fantasia: character creation

    Grand Fantasia: character creation
    In Character Creation you are allowed to even decide on the look of your sprite....
    Grand Fantasia: character creation

    Grand Fantasia: Sprite

    Grand Fantasia: Sprite
    Chat with your Sprite to keep him happy and even decorate his cottage....
    Grand Fantasia: Sprite

    Grand Fantasia: Ilya

    Grand Fantasia: Ilya
    The city of Ilya where class trainers, bank owners and mount merchants may be found....
    Grand Fantasia: Ilya

    Grand Fantasia: skills

    Grand Fantasia: skills
    Area of Effect skills are available at early levels, making leveling up a lot more fun....
    Grand Fantasia: skills

Grand Fantasia Gameplay

Grand Fantasia Gameplay

Grand Fantasia is a beautifully animated free to play RPG from Aeria Games with an array of interesting features and mechanics. All players begin at novice but are able to choose from 4 unique classes once they reach level 5, Fighter, Hunter, Acolyte and Spellcaster. Further class choices are offered at levels 15, 30 and 65. Each class has at least 5 different advanced classes to choose from, allowing players to specialize in certain roles within their original class.

Grand Fantasia also includes an innovative sprite system consisting of 12 unique sprites to choose from. Players can select their sprite at character creation. Sprites are as in-depth as the main characters themselves, they have their own stat system and can also be equipped with various items from basic gear to house furniture. Sprites are very useful creatures, they aid you in combat and are also the bulk of the crafting system. Each type of Sprite has access to 3 different crafts, all of which level up individually and provide different bonuses. Sprites can learn better crafting skills, improve their stats and learn new battle abilities and can even discover sprite specific events.

Grand Fantasia is a very social game, offering an extensive in-game friend and guild system. Players are free to join guilds at any level, each guild gains experiences over time and unlocks new features. Eventually guilds are able to customize guild rank names and assign responsibilities, as well as signing an allegiance with a sprite king in order to gain various guild-wide buffs.

Players looking for action won't be disappointed with Grand Fantasia's monster rating system. As players travel the world they will encounter a large variety of fantasy based monsters, all of which have their own appearance, stats and possible loot drops. There's also a variety of monster ranks that influence the stats and possible drops of a monster.

By Rachel Rosen

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