Grand Chase: Rebirth rolls out 17th playable character, the hybrid knight Lime

By Michael Jamias
grande chase rebirth playable character lime

The Grand Chase update introduces the hybrid playable character “Lime” as well as two fresh dungeons and an expanded level cap to 85.

“Lime is another hybrid-style character that acts both as a support, but can still deal damage with heavy-hitting slow attacks,” said Sunny Kim, producer of Grand Chase for SG Interactive, which publishes the MMORPG in North America. Capable of combining burst physical and magical attacks, especially through her Bless Hammer, Lime brings up the playable characters in the rpg to 17.

SG Interactive also shed light on the fresh storyline coming in this new update.

“In this unfolding drama, players venture into land of Zeruel, deep in the heart of Archimedia. Gamers are tasked with stemming the chaos and damage being caused by the evil forces of Dahlia and Lord Bardinar. Open to players level 78 and higher, solo gamers or groups of up to four can quest into two new dungeons as they race to help captured Queen Gilberta,” it said.

Dungeons pose deadly new Dark Elven enemies and challenge boss fights “that require the group to protect, and most importantly, think as they fight” if they haven’t been doing so before.

With the level cap bumped up five levels, Grand Chase players will also receive new growth paths for their skills and jobs, further customizing their play style and opening new and more-powerful attack combinations.”


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