Grand Chase relaunching on April 3

By Michael Jamias
grand chase relaunch april 3

Back in February, KOG Games became the official publisher for Grand Chase. Now we have the confirmed date for the Grand Chase relaunch under new management: It'll be on April 3.

That's two weeks away, and KOG Games has lined up Grand Chase relaunch events and prizes to entice new players and veterans to support the MMO transfer of service.

Grand Chase KOG Games Artwork

One particular perk that popped out for us is the free character boost to level 70. $20 worth of online rpg goodies will also be given out to everyone that logs into the Grand Chase servers.

To top it all off, players will get to benefit from record-high EXP and item drop rates activated exclusively for the duration of the relaunch. No word yet on exactly how long the EXP and item boosts will last, but we expect it to run at least until the end of the month at the minimum.

KOG Games reminds everyone who has not yet transferred to their servers to do so by March 27, after which their accounts and characters will be lost forever. If you have any questions about the transfer of service or the upcoming relaunch blowout, feel free to talk to the community managers through the newly opened KOG Games Grand Chase forums.


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