Grand Chase returns home to publisher KOG Games

By Michael Jamias
grand chase kog games service

Grand Chase players logging into the game will wonder why they suddenly have to provide new information -- well, the MMORPG is becoming fully serviced by KOG Games, that's why!

This means Grand Chase will no longer be published under, and represents a homecoming for the action-brawler online rpg.

The Korean-based game developer KOG was the original creator of Grand Chase, and later became KOG Games after it acquired the Irvine, California-based Kill3rCombo back in 2012.

“KOG Games is strongly committed to the players that have made Grand Chase the iconic action MMO brawler that it is, and we’re just getting started, said Eugene Kim, CEO of KOG Games.  “We couldn’t be more proud that Grand Chase is coming home to the KOG family.”

Grand Chase players can apply for the transfer of their account, all characters (with current EXP and Levels intact) and character items to the brand-new Grand Chase KOG Games service.

Players are urged to finish their transfer urgently because once the current service closes, the transfer application will no longer be offered.

Be reminded though that as of now Grand Chase KOG Games servers are not yet available, but they should be open "soon". In the meantime, fans are invited to explore the new Grand Chase website which has specific instructions on how to make your transfer as smooth as possible.


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