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grand chase na shutdown
It's a sad day for Grand Chase fans in North America as the fantasy mmorpg shutters in the region after seven years of service. But instead fading into black, the Grand Chase North America shutdown will be marked with a high note through a farewell livestream.A special "Thanks and Goodbye" video will also be shown containing what should be heartfelt messages from game masters and developers. The video will also feature Grand Chase tournament...
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Apr 16 2015
grand chase tower disappearance release
Its name is straightforward enough - Grand Chase's Tower of Disappearance, the new hero dungeon for the fantasy free to play mmo, has a habit of devouring adventurers that foolishly step through its diabolical gates. The Tower of Disappearance is designed for level 85 players who will have to crawl through 10 hard-fought floors each one gated by a killer Kaze'aze henchman. The challenge is made even more hardcore with punishing restrictions...
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Jun 06 2014
grand chase season 5 starts
After taking back Grand Chase under its wing, KOG Games is determined to give the MMO a big summer push with the newly released Season 5 content update. Touted as the biggest content update for the action-brawler online rpg, Grand Chase Season 5 delivers a whammy of improvements. This includes a major UI update, a more exhilarating boss-rush dungeon experience, faster and smarter AI to give you more challenge, and a brand-new Dodge Skill and Dam...
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May 24 2014
grand chase relaunch april 3
Back in February, KOG Games became the official publisher for Grand Chase. Now we have the confirmed date for the Grand Chase relaunch under new management: It'll be on April 3. That's two weeks away, and KOG Games has lined up Grand Chase relaunch events and prizes to entice new players and veterans to support the MMO transfer of service.One particular perk that popped out for us is the free character boost to level 70. $20 worth of online ...
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Mar 21 2014
grand chase kog games service
Grand Chase players logging into the game will wonder why they suddenly have to provide new information -- well, the MMORPG is becoming fully serviced by KOG Games, that's why! This means Grand Chase will no longer be published under, and represents a homecoming for the action-brawler online rpg. The Korean-based game developer KOG was the original creator of Grand Chase, and later became KOG Games after it acquired the Irvine, Cal...
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Feb 28 2014
grande chase rebirth playable character lime
The Grand Chase update introduces the hybrid playable character “Lime” as well as two fresh dungeons and an expanded level cap to 85. “Lime is another hybrid-style character that acts both as a support, but can still deal damage with heavy-hitting slow attacks,” said Sunny Kim, producer of Grand Chase for SG Interactive, which publishes the MMORPG in North America. Capable of combining burst physical and magical attacks, especially thr...
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Dec 21 2012