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  • Grand Ages Rome: missions

    Grand Ages Rome: missions
    While playing the campaign of Grand Ages: Rome, you will work through a series of missions that establish and build up the empire....
    Grand Ages Rome: missions

    Grand Ages Rome: outpost

    Grand Ages Rome: outpost
    The Outpost is the first, basic and most important building. From here, you establish your base and can train units....
    Grand Ages Rome: outpost

    Grand Ages Rome: research

    Grand Ages Rome: research
    Remember to research and upgrade your technology as you progress....
    Grand Ages Rome: research

    Grand Ages Rome: build

    Grand Ages Rome: build
    You must build near existing buildings. If you need to feed your people and see fertile land in the distance, build towards it. Ot...
    Grand Ages Rome: build

Grand Ages: Rome Gameplay

Grand Ages: Rome Gameplay

Grand Ages: Rome is a real-time strategy game set in the final years of the Roman Republic. Brandishing the same empire-building elements common to the genre, this strategy title from developer Haemimont Games and developer Kalypso Media lets you control one of five rival families – the Flavii, Valerii, Julii, Aemilii, or Lucii. Choosing a family is a matter of rpg preference, as well as functionality. Each family offers a specific military, civic or economic trait advantage. Your colony will benefit from these traits as you attempt to build a legacy as a powerful Roman statesman. The single-player campaign in Grand Ages Rome mostly involve military skirmishes where you have to build a thriving colony base from which you will train a powerful army to defeat whatever foe is across the battlefield. These adversaries range from political factions such as the Optimates and Populares to the slave rebels under the gladiator leader Spartacus.

Grand Ages Rome offers a so-called 4X real-time strategy experience. You can explore, expand, exploit and exterminate. Exploration will take you through the sprawling ancient Roman Republic that spanned ancient Gaul, Britannia and Egypt – pretty much the entire breadth of modern-day Europe. Expansion appeals to your inner conqueror, challenging you to colonize and invade lands in the fastest time possible. Exploitation provides hours of fun for macro-managing strategy RPG Games fans, as you engage in farming, mining, logging and financial budgeting. And last but not the least, Extermination provides bloodthirsty fans the thrill of subjugating territories, quelling uprisings and invading foreign lands for the glory of the Republic. Send the most advanced military units of the time – naval war galleys, elephant cavalry and much more. Each successful victory will bring you greater power and renown. Craving for an MMO style multiplayer mode? Grand Ages Rome supplies an handy matching system that lets you play cooperatively or competitively with other online players.

Grand Ages Rome has had one expansion pack called Grand Ages: Rome – The Reign of Augustus which centers on the time of the eponymous Augustus, the founder and first Emperor of the Roman Empire. It offers a city builder mode, as well as an all-new campaign featuring 12 additional missions. Dozens of maps, buildings and city-building features were also added. It even extends multiplayer options to include pre-built towns and town halls. The expansion is only available via paid digital download. For those who want to check out Grand Ages Rome for free, click the Play Now button above to reach the official site and download the playable demo.

By Rachel Rosen

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