Granado Espada breaks into Renauld's Underworld

By Michael Jamias
granado espada renaulds underworld

The gripping politics plot in Granado Espada comes to a head in the newly released Renauld's Underworld update, which concludes the Bristia storyline arc.

There's a lot at stake in this update, according to Redbana. Bristia's independence for one. There's also the thrill of not knowing what will happen to the key characters as this storyline arc ends.

If you can't wait and want a bit of a preview of what's about to go down, watch this long-ish Bristia Season 2: Renaulds Underworld update trailer:

Those who stick for the plot will find that the update has more than just dramatic scenes to offer. New recruitable characters, a new raid mission and a play time event headline the fresh content being added to the mmorpg.

Most notable of these is the roaring new raid mission, Tigres Prison, which is unlocked for rpg fans who have completed the scenario quest Captain Veil's Escape. It's a gauntlet challenge where enemies progressively become harder as you dive deeper into the jail pit, until you get to face the most formidable of them all -- big boss General Renauld.

Second mention goes to the play time event that nets lucky participants with the rare character card Battlesmith Idge. You get to have a bit of fun while scoring great goodies? Sign us up.


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