Granado Espada ups the challenge with new quests and bosses

By Michael Jamias
granado espada new quests bosses

Exciting trials await players in the newest content update for the anime fantasy free mmo Granado Espada.

According to the patch notes, roughly a dozen quests and sub-quests have been created for players of all levels, most of them quests triggered after entering a location or talking to an NPC.

A duo of Granado Espada bosses have also sprung up in the Kielce, Training Yard area – “Bloody Navy, Zeromirror” and “Bloody Navy, Castleone” – which randomly appears after players defeat a pre-determined number of General monsters in the area. Effectively, these new boss monsters are bonus content for those thirsting for a couple of particularly difficult encounters to overcome.

Each boss monster will use the Punisher stance and appear with four subordinates, ensuring that players will have their hands full during the fight. The key to beating these bosses is to go fast and hard, if only to avoid succumbing to the boss enrage mechanic. Bosses increase their attack speed by 10 every 25 second, and their attack rating and defense rating by 1 every 65 seconds.

Two other similar boss monsters have arrived in the shelter of Resistance known as  “Ready Nine” and “Road Capital”. Like the Training Yard bosses, this duo also appears after players defeat a set number of monsters in the vicinity. But instead of the Punisher stance, “Ready Nine” adopts the Bloody Feast stance while the “Road Capital” employs the Demolition Burst stance, promising a variety of tribulations for even the most hardcore set in the free online rpg.


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