See what’s coming in the new Granado Espada expansion pack

By Michael Jamias
granado espada january expansion pack

Prepare for an explosion of fresh content in Granado Espada, including intriguing new zones and challenging new missions.

Releasing this January, this expansion pack for the free online rpg unlocks multiple new zones including Castle Lucifer, Secret Garden and the Ancient Castilla, Temple zone, which is touted as the fastest leveling hub in the game to-date. Ancient Castilla will be accessible from Castilla Base 1 and requires the Ancient Territory Pass and Master Explore Pack. Granado Espada alchemists will want to troop to Ancient Castilla to obtain the sought-after alchemy ingredient Kryptonite.

A handful of weekly and guild missions will also spice up the farming and grinding routines. Four new weekly missions will offer higher difficulty and better rewards compared to previous missions, and will provide challenging raid content for groups. Players who take on these raid-like missions should take them seriously since each mission key will cost thousands in Family Reputation points.

On top of the new zones and missions, there will be bonus recruit NPCs hanging around the MMORPG. Gear collectors should also look forward to hunting down the sinister-looking Strata Devil armors, which are superior compared to existing armors and have unique options that can be added through enchanting.


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