Granado Espada makes its European debut

By Michael Jamias
granado espada european debut

Taking the longer name of Granado Espada Resurrection, the anime-style free mmorpg has invaded the European continent.

Berlin-based publisher RNTS Media Deutschland GmbH will be overseeing the game in the continent last week.

The newly launched website for Granado Espada Resurrection ( reveal that the most of the online rpg features and systems will be carried over to the European version. There will still be five hero classes seeking to explore the new land and purge the creatures that have infested its untamed wilderness.

RNTS Media Deutschland GmbH is also hoping that the unique draw of the game – the ability to control up to three characters at a time and switch between classes when needed – will resonate with the European player base.

“For the first time in a MMORPG, players are no longer limited to playing one character at a time,” said the publisher. “Three Heroes are controlled through a combination of point-and-click and hotkey use to guide their movement through the ornately rendered environment.”

European players will also get to immerse themselves by choosing a side in the grand conflict. “As they gain power and fortune, players decide whether to support the Queen of Vespanola's rule, or battle for an independent Granado Espada.”


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