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granado espada renaulds underworld
The gripping politics plot in Granado Espada comes to a head in the newly released Renauld's Underworld update, which concludes the Bristia storyline arc. There's a lot at stake in this update, according to Redbana. Bristia's independence for one. There's also the thrill of not knowing what will happen to the key characters as this storyline arc ends. If you can't wait and want a bit of a preview of what's about to go down, watch this long-ish ...
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Sep 07 2013
granado espada new quests bosses
Exciting trials await players in the newest content update for the anime fantasy free mmo Granado Espada. According to the patch notes, roughly a dozen quests and sub-quests have been created for players of all levels, most of them quests triggered after entering a location or talking to an NPC. A duo of Granado Espada bosses have also sprung up in the Kielce, Training Yard area – “Bloody Navy, Zeromirror” and “Bloody Navy, Castleone” – which r...
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Apr 12 2013
granado espada european debut
Taking the longer name of Granado Espada Resurrection, the anime-style free mmorpg has invaded the European continent. Berlin-based publisher RNTS Media Deutschland GmbH will be overseeing the game in the continent last week. The newly launched website for Granado Espada Resurrection ( reveal that the most of the online rpg features and systems will be carried over to the European version. There will still be five hero...
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Jan 30 2013
granado espada january expansion pack
Prepare for an explosion of fresh content in Granado Espada, including intriguing new zones and challenging new missions. Releasing this January, this expansion pack for the free online rpg unlocks multiple new zones including Castle Lucifer, Secret Garden and the Ancient Castilla, Temple zone, which is touted as the fastest leveling hub in the game to-date. Ancient Castilla will be accessible from Castilla Base 1 and requires the Ancient Territ...
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Jan 09 2013