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  • Grandado Espada: barracks

    Grandado Espada: barracks
    Grandado Espada may be a fantasy style MMORPG but it has a different mechanic. Players create an entire barracks full of character...
    Grandado Espada: barracks

    Grandado Espada: map

    Grandado Espada: map
    The map is full of useful information. Quests do not autorun you to the location but you can click on the icon in the map to run t...
    Grandado Espada: map

    Grandado Espada: quest

    Grandado Espada: quest
    The barracks may make Grandado Espada feel less like an MMORPG but the game still uses a questing system for leveling. Look for th...
    Grandado Espada: quest

    Grandado Espada: combat

    Grandado Espada: combat
    Combat in Grandado Espada resembles a real-time version of games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or the indie title Krater. Controll...
    Grandado Espada: combat

Granado Espada Bristia Content update trailer

Granado Espada Bristia Content update trailer

Granado Espada Gameplay

Granado Espada Gameplay

Sword 2: Granado Espada Online is an anime free MMORPG developed by imcGAMES and published by T3Fun. One of the most unique Granado Espada features is the ability to control more characters. Granado Espada users can play up to 3 characters at a time. The story is built around the time when first European explorers set foot on American lands. Opoluto is the fictional country where Granado Espada lore starts. It's a time of war. Granado Espada is the name given to the a new continent that was discovered by accident. Explorers were crossing the Dark Sea in search for Katai when they stumbled upon Granado Espada. This new world would help Opoluto defeat its enemies. However, things are not so simple because other countries learned about Granado Espada as well.

There are 5 class choices for Granado Espada players. The Elementalist uses 3 classes of magic (ice, lightning and fire) to cast damaging spells. He wears light cloth armor but he's able to defeat multiple foes with aoe attacks. Elementalists provide buffs for team mates. Wizards are also spell casters with an affinity for debuffs and aoe attacks. Granado Espada wizards are great for a mixed dps/support role. Another dual specialization class is the Scout. They can heal and resurrect allies and also deal damage using daggers. Scouts wear leather armor. Musketeers are mainly a dps class with powerful single target abilities. Their preferred weapons are rifles and pistols. Granado Espada Fighters are a melee class. They are able to equip the best armors and use a large category of weapons. Granado Espada free online RPG characters have 6 stats: strength, agility, dexterity, constitution, intelligence and charisma. Class diversity comes from a Granado Espada feature called combat stance. Each class can unlock a variety of stances. Different combat situations or encounters demand different stances. Players start with basic stances and more are obtained when their Granado Espada characters advance. When traveling Granado Espada game world, players will encounter lots of NPCs. UPCs (unique playable characters) are another type of playable characters. They have a specialization and must be unlocked by completing quests.

PvP content is a must for all MMO games and Granado Espada makes no exception. Granado Espada provides 5 PvP challenges. Families can enter dueling contests. Dueling League Season is a PvP tournament that rewards best players. Clan wars are battles between clans. Players of opposing factions (Royalists and Republicans) fight each other in open world PvP encounters. Arena matches support teams of up to 16 players. GM tournaments provide good fun and rewards. The Granado Espada cash store can be visited by players that wish to acquire premium items.

By Rachel Rosen


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