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  • Golfstar: character creation

    Golfstar: character creation
    Choose from one of 4 characters when you first start playing Golfstar. Eve is available for premium members....
    Golfstar: character creation

    Golfstar: Swing

    Golfstar: Swing
    The tutorial will teach you how to swing and putt. Remember to hit space bar near the end of your swing or you will miss....
    Golfstar: Swing

    Golfstar: interact with players

    Golfstar: interact with players
    Golfstar is an MMO. There is a persistent world where players can interact between rounds of golf....
    Golfstar: interact with players

    Golfstar: Green

    Golfstar: Green
    Look at the terrain before putting. The greens are not usually flat....
    Golfstar: Green

GolfStar Gameplay

GolfStar Gameplay

GolfStar is a free to play golf themed title from popular MMORPG publishers, Gamigo. They usually stick with more traditional MMORPG games such as Martial Empires, Fiesta Online and Loong. GolfStar is their first sports themed game in their MMORPG list that allows players to live the fantasy life of a professional golfer. GolfStar uses beautifully crafted, anime inspired graphics and sound for both the realistic looking terrain and character designs.

Although players don't get to create their own golfer, there are 5 possible golfers you can choose from. Patrick, Althea, Bert, Zoe and Eve. Each golfer is totally unique in terms of back story, animations and sounds. All players start with a similar base appearance and stats although there are plenty of items you can purchase later on that offer your character a large choice of clothing, allowing for more unique characters.

GolfStar is a golf simulation game, as such, the most vital mechanics are with the golf and swinging. GolfStar includes 4 different steps to each golf shot. Firstly is preparation, players must check the variables involved before taking the shot. These variables include the wind direction and speed, ground conditions and the lay of the ball. You must then select the club you wish to use, whether you want a high loft with an iron or a long, low shot with a wood. The second stage of taking your shot is the Backward Swing, this is simply powering up your shot by holding the shoot button, you must then release the button as the bar approaches the accuracy meter. Only by taking in all these variables and mastering these techniques will you be able to become a true GolfStar.

GolfStar includes 9 fantasy courses, all of which have been mapped with the utmost attention to detail. Whether you enjoy the ups and downs of the green Rolling Hills or the blissfully quiet landscape of the Secret Garden, each course is unique and provides its own set of challenges.

By Rachel Rosen

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