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    Godswar: character creation
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    Godswar: Swing
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Gods War Online gameplay

Gods War Online gameplay

Gods War Online is a free to play MMORPG and is the first MMO game designed from the ground up by the team over at IGG. Gods War Online is based around Greek mythology and culture, featuring top quality graphics and iconic locations such as the famous Sparta. You can explore various areas of ancient Greece, from iconic cities and towns to sprawling deserts and lush forests, and your also given the chance to meet famous Greek characters such as Jason and Hercules.

Gods War Online offers 4 playable classes, Warrior, Champion, Mage and Priest. Each class follows a certain MMORPG archetype and has access to a very large variety of skills and abilities. Players can improve their character by gaining experience points and purchasing better equipment. Equipment also levels in Gods War Online, providing players with awesome character auras or weapon glows, if they're able to level them high enough.

Another great feature in Gods War Online is the guild and deity system. The guild system itself follows a similar pattern to popular MMORPG game guild systems, players must reach a certain level and purchase a specific item to set up their guild. Once everything is in place, you can recruit members and offer them various quest to help the guild progress. Eventually you're able to build a large variety of deity altars which allows you to pray to a large variety of Greek Gods such as Apollo, Demeter, Hermes, Hephaestus, Hades, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Hestia, Poseidon and Artemis. Each god offers its devotees a unique buff, such as a large increase in health or mana regen. This is a great system that not only rewards active guild members, but also follows the lore and tradition from Greek mythology.

Gods War Online is filled to the brim with other exciting MMORPG features. The game includes a forge system, that allows players to tweak and improve their items and equipment, a master and apprentice mechanic that is great for new players, and a highly in-depth crafting system. Gods War Online is one of the most content filled MMO RPG games released to date, there's always so much to do and events are held on a regular basis.

By Rachel Rosen

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