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  • God and Heroes: character creation

    God and Heroes: character creation
    We start our adventure by picking one of 6 classes available in Gods and Heroes....
    God and Heroes: character creation

    God and Heroes: Rome setting

    God and Heroes: Rome setting
    The setting for Gods and Heroes is Rome. Look at the fort and legionaires in the background....
    God and Heroes: Rome setting

    God and Heroes: quest indicator

    God and Heroes: quest indicator
    Wandering around in circles looking for the yellow ? is a waste of time. Here is the quest indicator....
    God and Heroes: quest indicator

    God and Heroes: fireball

    God and Heroes: fireball
    Have you ever wondered what would it have been like if Rome had spell casters? How about a fireball?!...
    God and Heroes: fireball

Gods and Heroes Gameplay

Gods and Heroes Gameplay

Gods and Heroes is a unique MMORPG game based during the turmoil filled times of Ancient Rome. Based around Roman mythology Gods and Heroes throws your character into a world filled with iconic gods, and unimaginable perils, equip your famous gladiator armor and destroy everything in your path to earn the favor of your chosen deity.

Gods and Heroes is filled with iconic characters from Roman mythology, from the graceful gods themselves to Barbarians, bandits, rebels and creatures of demonic origin. Players can expect to meet with a large variety of monsters from Roman history, from witches and mages, to the labyrinth guarding Minotaur. Combining the characters and lore from Roman mythology, Gods and Heroes provides a unique story-driven experience unlike any MMORPG you've played before.

Gods and Heroes offers players 5 unique classes to choose from, Soldier, Gladiator, Mystic, Priest or Scout. Each class follows the typical MMORPG archetype that you would usually associate with the class name, but as with everything in Gods and Heroes there's a unique twist, the gods have asked you to do their bidding personally, so you've been infused with unimaginable powers from the gods themselves. When you create your character you can choose which god you wish to pray to, each god provides players with spectacular powers to really give them the edge in battle, hone your skills, improve your abilities and become one of the most feared gladiators in all of Rome.

Gods and Heroes also provides players with an in-depth minion system. During your travels through Ancient Rome you will meet various NPC characters and monsters that will be willing to join your cause. You can recruit many different minions, all of which have their own abilities and talents to aid you on your journey.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Gods and Heroes also gives you your very own estate. An estate can be used as a place to relax and unwind, or construct various beneficial buildings such as a personal bank and NPC stores. There's a large variety of other structures to build, such as War Towers, Libraries and plenty of others that provide both aesthetic results and various benefits.

By Rachel Rosen

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