Gloria Victis sets course for Steam

By Tam Mageean
gloria victis steam

There's a new low-fantasy mmorpg heading to Steam shortly. Earlier this month, Gloria Victis, a prospective new mmo, entered the Steam Greenlight arena to battle it out against a battery of other new and rising games, with the aim of creating enough interest to make it onto Steam's worldwide distribution.

The Gloria Victis Steam campaign truly hit the ground running, and within a mere two days, the medieval mmo had not only broke the top 100 games on Steam Greenlight, but soared all the way to the top. Now, Steam Greenlight has unveiled it's latest batch of winners, and after 2 solid weeks of campaign success, Gloria Victis was safely nestled in amongst the other successful applicants.

Built by Black Eye Games, out of "frustration at the lack of a game that is truly innovative and worth playing", a bold statement by any developers standards, Gloria Victis promises a robust, non-targeted combat system, PvP, Realm v Realm battles and sandbox crafting, making it, all in all a pretty complete, and widely anticipated mmo.

Among the hopefuls, some other mmo games also made it through the net, including another medieval sandbox title, Life is Feudal, two MechWarrior style mmofps, M.A.V and Fields of War, and a 2D space exploration sandbox, titled Interstellaria.

Gloria Victus is still in development, and won't be making its way onto Steam's new releases for some time yet. If you'd like to speed up the process, Black Eye Games have a donations/rewards system for their alpha development on their official website.


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