Gloria Victis pre-alpha footage unveils key game mechanics

By Michael Jamias
gloria victis pre alpha footage

This early Gloria Victis trailer gives us a glimpse of its promise as a realistic medieval action rpg.

The first minute of this Gloria Victis pre-alpha footage takes us through the different environments that players will find themselves exploring in the game world -- from military camps to fog-filled swamps.

Then the developer voiceover begins to describe Gloria Victis as an emerging indie gem offering a realistic rpg experience that puts you in the adventurous shoes of a medieval explorer.

Freedom of choice seems to be a recurring principle in the game's design. The combat system is non-targeted, requiring players to put much more effort in aiming at targets. Fights will also be affected by terrain and weather conditions, so players will need to think tactically on how to use the surroundings to his or her advantage.

Adventurers can choose to become lone wolves, although developers warn that there will be some objectives that will require collaboration with other players.

Gloria Victis also promises MMO players a break from the formulaic and predictable progression leveling systems seen in most rpg games online. Instead, players will have free reign over their characters' appearance and skills. Each character will also have access to all weapons and armor, with an option to switch depending on the situation. They will also be able to choose how their characters interact with NPCs, allowing for players to shape the combat and role-playing attributes of their hero.


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