Gloria Victis News

Is paying for mmo early access a scam?
Trends come and go, especially in the world of online games. What was once considered standard in an mmorpg, such as forty-man raids, becomes extinct a few years later. One aspect of online gaming that has changed tremendously over the years is the ability for players to have early access to a game. It was once a coveted prize to get a testing invite, but now many online games feature huge open betas that are easy to get in to. The biggest change...
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Jun 14 2016
Gloria Victis reputation system added
It's always important to know where one stands in the scheme of things, and this is true as well for mmo games. Most online games feature plenty of factions, and some games have indicators on how lawless or virtuous a player acts within them. After all, doing something bad should be punished and virtue should be rewarded. A new Gloria Victis reputation system has been added to the mmo with its latest update, which should definitely add some wrink...
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Mar 09 2016
gloria victis plundered village
The Gloria Victis Mereley rework proceeds as planned next week with the exciting activation of the plundered village. The plundered village will be placed between the fort and freshly added fishing docks, and will go live with the next update. Players that are looking forward to the opening of the Gloria Victis plundered village next week can keep themselves preoccupied finishing the new dynamic events in South to Dunfen and Mereley.The dyn...
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Feb 13 2016
gloria victis dynamic events launch
When you log into Gloria Victis, you might find that some of the rpg world's locations feel far more alive than usual -- and you can thank the newly installed Gloria Victis dynamic events system for this experiential upgrade. Dynamic events have been placed at the outskirts of Dunfen and Mereley which has fully fleshed out those locations with foxes sneaking in to hunt chickens and rebels bearing down on the townsmen.MMORPG developers promis...
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Feb 04 2016
gloria victis valley death tournament changes
Winds of change are blowing into the Valley of Death tournament in Gloria Victis, allowing teams a better chance to claw back from a losing fight. NPC mercenaries will now support the losing team at the aforementioned tournament. MMORPG developers said this was implemented based on data gathered since the latest update. It should also improve the combat balance in the Gloria Victis Valley of Death tournament."Combined with the recently imple...
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Dec 23 2015
gloria victis combat balance update
Gloria Victis closes the year by balancing the combat mechanics in the MMORPG. The Gloria Victis combat balance update introduces new formulas for calculating combat numbers, replacing random critical strikes and fixing other factors that were frustrating players. Of these, the removal of the old system for random critical strikes, and replacing it with player skill-based factors such as attack power, headshots and back strike. For the latter ...
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Dec 18 2015
gloria victis alpha stage
The Gloria Victis testing program advances to the Alpha stage with the release of the v.0.5 update, touted as one of the biggest updates to land on the mmo.The Gloria Victis Alpha stage update not only flicks open a battery of improvements such as the massive overhauls of the inventory and guilds systems, it also turns up the overall user experience. The inventory and guilds systems upgrades are centered on the expansion of player inventory ...
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Nov 28 2015
Why we love mmo character wipes
The development of an mmo can be a long and torturous process. There are a lot of bumps along the way between the time the online rpg is just a gleam in a developer's eye and the time the game officially launches to the masses. One of the features found in most alpha, and some beta, tests is the dreaded mmo character wipe. Players will react to the news of a character wipe as if the game company had decided to confiscate their firstborn child and...
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Nov 22 2015
gloria victis ui overhaul
The next time you log on to Gloria Victis, you might be in for a visual treat of seeing a totally revamped user interface. The much-awaited Gloria Victis UI overhaul has entered its final tests, according to Black Eye Game's mmo developers, which means a nearing release date. Players can expect the implementation of reworked inventory and guilds systems, as well as a new NPC shops interface in as early as a few weeks' time.Game designers in...
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Oct 26 2015
gloria victis combat system changes
Gloria Victis sharpens its combat system to reward players with great aim and reaction times, as well as constant and exceptional play in PvP. The new update rolled out over the weekend rolled out a number of Gloria Victis combat changes, including the implementation of headshots and XP gain in PvP.Players will also find it easier to evade and mitigate damage with a change that speeds up character movement when blocking. Still, developers of...
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Oct 20 2015