Gigantic Developer Motiga Hit With More Layoffs

By Jeff Francis
Gigantic developer Motiga hit with more layoffs

The convoluted development of Gigantic has taken yet another turn. Reports have surfaced that there has been another round of layoffs at Motiga, the developer of the team-based mmo. Overall, it appears that the Motiga layoffs have impacted 15 of the company's 82 staff members, according to a report on Destructoid. This round of Gigantic layoffs account for almost twenty percent of the company.

However, it appears that not all is doom and gloom concerning the Motiga layoffs. The CEO and founder of the company behind Gigantic, Chris Chung, has released the following statement: "Any kind of layoff is tough, but this was done to reduce our burn rate until we get to Arc launch which will happen in a few months." He also stressed that the Gigantic layoffs affected the business and operations side of things, and the layoffs will not have any impact upon the game's launch on Arc, which is set for the second quarter of 2017.

As stated above, the development of Gigantic has been somewhat convoluted. The free mmo was originally set to be a Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive, garnering $20 million for development. However, Microsoft pulled out of the relationship a year later. The competitive game was eventually picked up by Perfect World Entertainment and has had a number of successful betas. Along the way, there have been several rounds of Motiga layoffs, with the last round occurring back in February 2016.

It does appear that the current round of Gigantic layoffs will not impact the game's eventual release. One former employee said that the game was in a good place, and it does make sense that certain positions may have become redundant after PWE entered the picture. Still, layoffs before a game launches is rarely a good thing, and our thoughts go out to those affected by the Motiga layoffs and our hope that they find new positions soon.



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