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Gigantic Gameplay First Look - HD

Gigantic Gameplay First Look - HD

Gigantic is a free to play action game developed and published by Motiga. This indie gaming company allocated a budget of $20 million dollars to create a one of kind game. Those who wonder how an indie studio obtained such funds should know that the man in charge of game’s development has an impressive resume. He occupied key positions at Blizzard and ArenaNet, he was lead designer for StarCraft, Guild Wars and Warcraft. Big companies like Smilegate, Neowiz and NetEase endorsed Motiga’s project and sponsored game development. Gigantic mixes team gameplay with RPG features and fast paced action. A squad of players joins forces with a colossal guardian and clashes in epic matches against other teams. It sounds like the definition of a MOBA but the developers didn’t put such a label on their game.

It’s pretty obvious that games like League of Legends or DotA2 inspired the developers but there are also plenty of features that make Gigantic an original title with a unique gameplay. Most MMO MOBA games on the market follow the same pattern, 2 teams of heroes fight to destroy the enemy base. Gigantic implements another type of gameplay. There are 2 teams of players but there’s no base or headquarters that needs to be destroyed. Each team is accompanied by a giant guardian that fights at players side. This guardian is a super powerful creature that can easily defeat any individual player but it needs to be guided towards the enemies. The goal of a Gigantic match is to take down the enemy team and their guardian. Another fresh feature is the action combat. Players use directional keys to control their characters and are able to dodge, use the terrain to their advantage, sprint towards the enemy or take cover from incoming attacks.

Players can pick one of the available Gigantic champions. There are lots of heroes to match different playstyles. The juggernaut is a great choice for those who like to be in first line without worrying too much about taking damage. Mages and wizards are best fitted for players that prefer to attack their enemies with spells from a safe distance. Sneaky dual wielding rogue heroes are also part of Gigantic’s heroes roster. Each champion can be customized like a MMORPG character. New abilities and talents are unlocked when heroes gain enough XP. Guardians are different as well. There are multiple types of Gigantic guardians and each one has unique skills. Team leaders must also consider guardian’s abilities when recruiting players for their 5 man squads. Gigantic is a highly strategic game with nice cartoony graphics and a free to play business model that gives all users a fair chance.

By Rachel Rosen


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