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  • GhostX Ultimate: char

    GhostX Ultimate: char
    GhostX feels like a corss between a party game and a traditional side scrolling brawler. My character is ready and hack and slash ...
    GhostX Ultimate: char

    GhostX Ultimate: quest

    GhostX Ultimate: quest
    Like many MMOs, expect to spend most of your time questing. Talk to NPCs with the green ! or ? quest indicators....
    GhostX Ultimate: quest

    GhostX Ultimate: combat

    GhostX Ultimate: combat
    GhostX uses keyboard controls and brawler style combat. Arrows control movement and many abilities are tied to your QWERTY bar....
    GhostX Ultimate: combat

    GhostX Ultimate: zone

    GhostX Ultimate: zone
    Run up to a zone and hit the D button to explore new areas....
    GhostX Ultimate: zone

GhostX Gameplay

GhostX Gameplay

GhostX Ulimate is a free online rpg, developed by JC Entertainment and available through GameKiss gaming portal. GhostX game world is in great danger. Players step into the shoes of a special agent whose task is none other than to save the world. This plot about world in peril may not be too original but GhostX has some other aces up its sleeves. GhostX achieves great character customization through some innovative ideas. There is no class system. Players will build unique characters using nanobots. Gender, hair, face and outfits can be selected at the beginning of the game. GhostX starts with a short tutorial that teaches a few basic moves and actions.

A good GhostX character can be built only if certain game mechanics are understood right from the start. Stats, skills and nanobots are some of the things that define GhostX characters. Skills will improve a character’s performance. Skills can be increased with skill points that are gained when leveling up. GhostX skills can improve nanobot XP gain, boost attack rating, increase resistance and so on. Players can choose to improve skills based on their personal style. GhostX characters have primary and secondary stats. The primary stats are: strength, stamina, agility, spirit and defense. Each primary stat powers a secondary stat. GhostX secondary stats are: crit, spirit attack, physical attack, defense rate, spirit defense and physical defense. Items with stats bonus can be used to increase favorite stats. Nanobots are the most interesting and unique feature of GhostX mmorpg. A player’s game style will vary depending on the selected nanobot. Nanobots are mainly about weapon specializations. GhostX players start with 3 types of nanobots. More nanobots can be created. Nanobot creation is similar to a crafting profession. Players get a recipe and mix various mats to obtain new nanobots. GhostX nanobots can level up and become more powerful. They also have skills.

Players will spend a considerable amount of time killing ghosts (GhostX mobs). The best items and rewards are dropped by ghost bosses. GhostX world has lots of areas and locations. Some are non combat zones that have vendors and banks. Some zones are questing areas. GhostX questing areas become available as characters progress or complete prerequisite quests. There are 3 main types of GhostX free rpg quests: general, missions and hidden quests. Labyrinths are GhostX quest dungeons. If some optional objectives are met, players can get a title for completing labyrinths. Players can group up and complete quests together. GhostX Ultimate is the perfect mmo for those who like to experience something else than traditional fantasy mmorpgs.

By Rachel Rosen

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