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  • Gates of Andaron: character

    Gates of Andaron: character
    My fairy magician is ready to take on the world. He is able to cast fire, cold, and electric spells at enemies....
    Gates of Andaron: character

    Gates of Andaron: skills

    Gates of Andaron: skills
    As you level up, gain skill points to upgrade and learn new spells. Quests are one of the best way to gain experience....
    Gates of Andaron: skills

    Gates of Andaron: combat

    Gates of Andaron: combat
    After placing new skills on your quick bars, target enemies and use your hotkeys to kill them....
    Gates of Andaron: combat

    Gates of Andaron: mount

    Gates of Andaron: mount
    Unlike other MMOs, you start with a mount in Gates of Andaron. By default, hit f12 to mount up and move 40% faster. It will help y...
    Gates of Andaron: mount

Gates of Andaron Gameplay

Gates of Andaron Gameplay

Gates of Andaron, developed by Zemi Interactive Entertainment and published by Gameforge 4D GmbH, is a mmorpg set in a fantasy world. Gates of Andaron was created to support huge stronghold battles. Lots of players can take part in these events. Players can engage in exciting quests that will reveal, bit by bit, the lore behind Gates of Andaron. Dungeons where danger lurks will rewards those brave enough to overcome the challenge. Gates of Andaron game world has seen 4 eras. At present time, 3 kingdoms still remain strong. The Valorian kingdom is a highly militarized province. It's all about magic in the Derion kingdom. The rulers of Gor kingdom are focusing on economy and trade.

Like every rpg game, Gates of Andaron starts with character creation. Three races and several classes are available. The human race has a natural magic resistance and strength. They are inventive and can easily adapt to various situations. The felines have a connection with natural elements and make great melee fighters. The fairies possess high intelligence which allows them to understand the magic forces. Gates of Andaron free online rpg has a good selection of 6 playable classes. Each role is covered. The Evocator wears medium armor, can summon minions and uses a ranged weapon to deal damage. The Archer is skilled both with crossbows and two handed weapons. A Warrior is the perfect choice for those who prefer a good armored class that can wield heavy weapons. The Magician has an entire arsenal of spells at his disposal. Having a Priest in the group provides crowd control and support. The Night Walker is a rogue class. Gates of Andaron characters have basic, physical and magic stats. Character advancement happens when a toon levels up and gains skill points. Gates of Andaron XP comes from questing and killing mobs. Some quests are repeatable. Gates of Andaron gear and weapons can be enhanced using formulae. Players can find them at various merchants all around Games of Andaron world.

One Gates of Andaron feature that cannot be overlooked is the mount system. Questing involves a lot of traveling, sometimes between distant locations, so having a mount will decrease traveling time. If you want to make heads turn, Gates of Andaron cash shop has some really nice premium mounts. Another feature that makes Gates of Andaron an exciting mmorpg is the PvP system. Players can form groups and duel. Gates of Andaron free mmo has an open PvP option that allows players to freely engage in PvP action. Guilds can compete against each other in Area and Castle conquests. The most skilled players can register for monthly tournaments. Gor zone has PvP arenas. PvE players are not left out. There are missions maps and dungeons. Gates of Andaron has enough content to keep each type of player happy.

By Rachel Rosen

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