Frozen Hearth lands on Steam

By Michael Jamias
frozen hearth on steam

The real-time strategy rpg Frozen Hearth is now available on Steam at a limited-time 15% discount.

The special Steam version discount will last until January 3, bringing down its regular $17.99 price to $15.29. It should be noted that the discount also applies to Frozen Hearth Gold, the special edition that comes with a soundtrack and artbook (Now $20.39 from $23.99).

We're not sure this Frozen Hearth teaser trailer will convince you to grab a copy, but it certainly does try its best to showcase the indie RTS:

Publisher Immanitas Entertainment said the dark fantasy title's Steam version has been injected with new features, such as the much-requested Internet support that now allows players to engage in multi-player battles or engage in co-op missions.

Of course, more traditional RTS fans will likely want to run through the single-player campaigns, which span across 20 maps and will require a couple of dozen of hours to finis through.

Critics have been a bit harsh on Frozen Hearth, but the Steam version seems to have addressed several glaring issues with the addition of Internet multiplayer support as well as more user-friendly controls.

Despite its flaws, Frozen Hearth has been gaining some following for its surprising gameplay depth and gritty challenge. The campaigns can be quite frustrating, but then again with the glut of roll over easy mmo games in the market, it's not surprising why this has gotten its fair share of support from veteran strategy fans.


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