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    Frontline Tactics: store
    Frontline Tactics is a free to play game available on Steam. You can purchase in game money from the store to speed up progression...
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    Frontline Tactics: items
    Items cost money. This is in game money. You start with $100,000 and earn about $25,000 from your first mission....
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    Frontline Tactics: missions
    Think of Frontline Tactics as a turn based strategy game, that plays like XCom Enemy Unknown. Only the entire focus is on the turn...
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    Frontline Tactics: strategy
    The combat in this game consists of 2 parts: move and shoot. You can move and shoot or sprint each turn. Each weapons have differe...
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Frontline Tactics Gameplay

Frontline Tactics Gameplay

Frontline Tactics, developed by Full Control / WIT Entertainment and published by Meridian4, is a turn based free MMO. Frontline Tactics is available not just for PC but also for Mac OS and iOS. No matter the operating system, gamers can enjoy this new strategy game. The action takes place in a not so distant near future. The year is 2025. Fahrahn, a fictional country, is the center of Frontline Tactics conflict. A military group wants to take over Fahrahn and stop the oil exports. Several interests collide so a counter force is established to fight the attackers. Frontline Tactics players will take the role of Fahrahn defenders.

Players get to build and command their own Frontline Tactics squad. There are various types of Frontline Tactics missions. Some missions require capturing and defending key points. Taking down all enemies are a possible victory condition for other Frontline Tactics scenarios. More soldiers form a Frontline Tactics unit. To ensure victory, the commander must make sure all soldiers are properly equipped for battle. Like in RPG games, weapons and armor or other items can be equipped and used. Frontline Tactics soldiers have a set of characteristics: HP, armor, initiative, movement range, damage and camo. Frontline Tactics has a close to reality graphic theme. All Frontline Tactics gear is designed to look like real weapons or military outfits. One interesting thing about gearing up is that players don’t have access to the best items right from the start. You must go through all starting and intermediate weapons before unlocking the advanced ones. Before a mission, players must check gear upgrades for their Frontline Tactics troops.

Frontline Tactics has PvE and PvP missions. Even the single player missions are challenging. Frontline Tactics players team up and take part in PvP matches. Players choose different tactics for each match or scenario. To win single or multiplayer encounters, players must carefully consider various combat techniques. Each Frontline Tactics soldier is controlled by the player. A unit can be moved to another location or it can perform an attack to damage enemy units. The gameplay is very strategic and can grow on you in no time. Frontline Tactics achievements are rewarded when completing challenging objectives. Frontline Tactics MMO doesn’t restrict PvP matches to a certain platform. You can fight someone who’s playing on a PC even if you use a mobile device. Frontline Tactics has a cash shop where real money can be exchanged for in game money. However, thanks to the gradual gearing process, players cannot buy their Frontline Tactics success.

By Rachel Rosen

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