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  • Freestyle Street Basketball: forward

    Freestyle Street Basketball: forward
    Instead of classes used in more traditional MMOs, pick the position you want to play in Freestyle. You can choose guard, forward, ...
    Freestyle Street Basketball: forward

    Freestyle Street Basketball: mission

    Freestyle Street Basketball: mission
    Missions are quests that send you to random street games. These are the equivalent of quests in RPGs....
    Freestyle Street Basketball: mission

    Freestyle Street Basketball: 3v3

    Freestyle Street Basketball: 3v3
    Are you ready for some 3 on 3 action? Head to the street and get ready. Just remember, that everything goes out here. No refs to c...
    Freestyle Street Basketball: 3v3

    Freestyle Street Basketball: win

    Freestyle Street Basketball: win
    At the end of 5 minutes, the team with the highest score wins. Don't forget that there is a 24s violation, so the pace of the game...
    Freestyle Street Basketball: win

Freestyle Street Basketball Gameplay

Freestyle Street Basketball Gameplay

Freestyle Street Basketball is a sports mmo, developed by JC Entertainment and published by KooKee Monsters. Freestyle Street Basketball is an unconventional basketball game where players can experience rhythm and sports on the street. Music, especially hip hop, is an important part of freestyle basketball. Players don't wear standard uniforms. Freestyle Street Basketball main themes are freedom and youth. Players can design their own game style. Basketball moves and skills can be customized in various ways. Animations and character models also reflect the free spirit of Freestyle Street Basketball. Gamers will use directional keys and WASD combo to move their Freestyle Street Basketball and perform abilities. Several camera angles are available.

Players start Freestyle Street Basketball by creating a new character. There are 3 types of basketball players available: center, forward and guard. These character classes, called positions in Freestyle Street Basketball, will determine your role in game. At level 15, each position can choose a specialization. The center position is characterized by a strong constitution and can specialize in offensive or defensive game styles. Guards can choose to be shooting guards or point guards. The shooting guard excels at 3 points shots. The point guard is more skilled with 2 points shots and passes. The forward type can specialize in small forward or power forward. The small forward position allows flexible play styles. A power forward player makes a good team with a center player. Each position has 12 stats: running, jump, power, rebound, dribble, pass, steal, block, dunk, middle shot, 3 points shot and 2 points shot. Players can perform offensive and defensive movements. The offensive actions are: call for pass, pass, breakthrough point, shoot and dunk. Rebound, face up, steal, block, obstruct and screen are defensive moves. Skills can be acquired from the skill shop. Players can choose some visual traits for their Freestyle Street Basketball online rpg characters.

Freestyle Street Basketball gameplay is divided into single player and multiplayer. Single player mode contains tutorials and missions against computer opponents. New players should try single player mode first. Multiplayer mode has 3 leagues: free zone, rookie and major. Free zone is a mode where everyone can play with no level or other restrictions. Players under level 15 will train in the rookie league. After level 16, every player becomes eligible for the major league. Other Freestyle Street Basketball modes include 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3. Teams can be created. Various items and all kinds of accessories, including tattoos, can be bought from the item shop. Some items will boost your stats. Training is another way to increase your stats. Freestyle Street Basketball mmorpg also has premium features.

By Rachel Rosen

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