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    Free Jack: customize
    Customize the look of your hero by changing his hair, skin, clothes and emblem....
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    Free Jack: tutorial
    The tutorial race teaches you the controls in this fast-paced racing game....
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    Free Jack: store
    After competing in a handful of races, it is time to head to the store and spend your hard earned money. Maybe some shoes. Are the...
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    Free Jack: race
    Compare your times with the world's best. It looks like I have a long way to go......
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FreeJack Gameplay

FreeJack Gameplay

FreeJack is a parkour-style racing video game from GamerKraft. FreeJack is based on free running, a variant of the non-competitive sport parkour, and in the game you will jump, roll and climb your way through obstacle-filled environments – just like in real life. Of course, gone are the health hazards of performing these death-defying stunts. Instead, you control a free runner extraordinaire competing in intensely fun races across New Jack City. The goal is to reach the finish line first through the intelligent use of your free running skills to beat the competition. Fans of kart racing games will notice some familiar gameplay elements mixed into FreeJack, including map power-ups that can be picked up to boost your character or punish other racers.

In FreeJack, there are four basic characters available, each with his or her special ability. There is Jin (Agility specialization) and Goodspeed (Toughness) for the male avatars, and Nadia (Technique) and Tina (Speed) for the female avatar options. These abilities are similar to stats in RPG Games. Ability specializations will dictate your free running style. You can further customize your character by selecting a nickname, a look, a costume and a club. New players are advised to go through the extensive tutorial section to learn the basic movement controls and a few helpful hints on how to earn the best time. After creating a character and getting a feel of how the game plays via tutorial, it’s time to hit the urban pavements. There are three main game modes in FreeJack. The first is Missions mode which is a single-player campaign where your free runner will have to chase down other characters or race against them. Additional characters can be unlocked after completing the Missions mode. Meanwhile, the Versus mode is an MMO multiplayer mode where up to eight players can go at it in an epic dash to the finish line, or two teams with four players each compete in group competition. The third Laptime mode offers a great practice space for those who want to get familiar with the trickier tracks.

FreeJack has a cash shop that sells additional clothing items for in-game currency call Jacks. These cash shop items often bestow your character with hefty stat bonuses that can be almost unfair in terms of game balance. Those who frown up on pay to win rpg games might see this as a turn-off, but fortunately most of these items are temporary boost only. The cash shop is also stocked on decoration furniture and appliances that can be displayed in your free runner’s virtual pad.

By Rachel Rosen

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