Let Slip the Dogs of War as Foxhole Early Access on Steam Begins

By Jeff Francis
Foxhole early access begins

The campaign to win a global online war has just began for mmo players. Clapfoot has announced that the Foxhole early access for Steam starts today, which is great news for those gamers looking for a truly persistent online war where the outcome of every battle and campaign is in their hands alone. The Foxhole mmo is a unique game of collaborative strategy and tactics where the players are responsible for every aspect of the online war, from building the weapons to supplying the front lines to carrying the fight against the enemy.

Of the Foxhole early access on Steam, co-founder of Clapfoot Mark Ng says, "Foxhole requires players to plan and work together in ways never before seen in an online war game. Running supply lines, cutting off enemy logistics, and building out radio networks for communication are just as important as combat. Every soldier is a player in Foxhole so the narrative of the war is completely user driven."

Players looking to take part in the Foxhole early access on Steam can pick up the combat-laden mmorpg for $19.99. One of the interesting facets of the Foxhole mmo is that it's not actually set in World War II. Instead, it's set in an alternate timeline that merges aspects of both World War I and World War II. As part of the early access launch, some new features have been introduced, such as tanks and landing craft that players can build and use in battle. Plus, friendly fire is real! You can read our hands-on preview of the Foxhole mmo here.


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