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Foxhole is a MMO game with RPG and strategy elements developed and published by Clapfoot. The game has a military theme and takes place in an alternate universe that is controlled by two factions. The Wardens and the Colonials have been fighting for a long time. Players pick their favorite faction and join the ongoing war. Foxhole is a game built for multiplayer. Maps and battlefields are designed to support hundreds of players. The game world is a persistent one. There are no breaks from fighting, not even when players go offline. The goal of Foxhole is to create an online world that is shaped according to players actions. They must work together to develop strategies. Players actions have varied consequences and some of them have the potential to make permanent changes to the game world.

Players are represented in game by soldiers. Unlike in other MMO games where characters disappear from the world when the user goes offline, soldiers know no rest. Foxhole characters are still present on the battlefield even when the player who controls them logs out. There are multiple jobs a soldier can do. Besides fighting, players are also in charge of supporting the war effort. This feature is borrowed from real time strategy games. Players will build all sorts of structures such as bases or factories that manufacture weapons. They are also the ones who come up with tactics and strategies. Another RTS element is the perspective. Foxhole is played from an isometric point of view. There are two main objectives in this game. The global objective is to defeat players from the opposite alliance and to conquer territories. The individual goal is to rank up and become a valuable faction member. Both goals can only be completed with the help of other alliance members. Foxhole players should always keep in mind that team work and strategy are more important than individual achievements. Soldiers will need their teammates help to gain ranks and faction reputation.

Players need to keep multiple things in mind when developing strategies. They must accomplish their goals without losing too many resources. Foxhole gives players a limited amount of resources to work with so they need to think twice before engaging in combat. Ammo and building resources are valuable. Choosing the right time and location for a battle is also important. The game has a day/night cycle and dynamic conditions. Like most tactical MMO games, Foxhole features battlefields with varied landscape and terrain. The combat is also strategic. Players skills and the ability to work as a team are more important than numbers. Foxhole is available from Steam.

By Rachel Rosen


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