Forsaken World has a new Jubilee flying mount that's garishly gaudy

By Michael Jamias
forsaken world jubilee flying mount

Forsaken World developers are calling the Jubilee flying mount “the craziest mount to ever be released” for the free rpg – and we kind of agree.

Released in time for the Thanksgiving and Black Friday holidays through the Boutique, the Jubilee flying mount shown in the video below is bursting with color and animations. It’s as if one of those ponies in a children’s carousel came to life.

Here’s the official description from Forsaken World developers:

The Jubilee flying mount features a glowing unicorn as the centerpiece, with multiple concentric rings of rotating madness that can probably legitimately hypnotize someone if they stared into it for too long.  If you can handle the responsibility, each Dream Orb opened has a chance to contain this new flying mount.

Some players have expressed their absolute hatred for this new gaudy mount, which they say competes for the ugliest across all other mmorpg games. But some are warming up to the idea of riding a prancing carousel mount, especially those with female characters decked out in princess-style fashion sets. Of course, the same cannot be said for hardcore male characters that will look utterly silly on the fanciful ride.


Forsaken World comments:

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