Forsaken World Breaks Open Frostgale Fjord Battleground

By Michael Jamias
forsaken world frostgale fjord battleground

The frigid north plays host to the new Forsaken World battleground, Frostgale Fjord, pitting teams of 12 against each other in an almost half-hour brawl.

Forsaken World breaks open the gates to Frostgale Fjord through a freshly released content update, which also includes expanded Soul Power Trees, and a trove of new weapons, guild treasure and guild quests.

Frostgale Fjord is located in the far north of Oester, according to the complete patch notes released by the free online rpg, and will be available between noon and midnight every day. Level 40 players and above can enter the Frostgale Fjord as individuals, and will be randomly matched based on character level.

The first team to reach 3,600 points, or the team with the most points once the match finishes after 25 minutes, will be declared the winner and earn more points. But forget about abusing the MMO’s new battleground: Only the first 10 matches in a day will count for points.

The new update also delivers cool support for guilds with the introduction of guild treasure and quests inside the base. Meanwhile, rpg fashion fans can look cool and feel powerful at the same time with a new option to add stats to all fashion pieces via the Armorers.


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