Forsaken World unleashes Dysil's Wrath expansion

By Michael Jamias
forsaken world dysils wrath expansion

The free to play mmo has released its latest Dysil's Wrath expansion that ushers in a bloody new arena season.

Fitting to its name, Dysil’s Wrath riles up the Forsaken World servers for intense conflicts. Players will get to participate in a brand-new arena season, resetting the leaderboards and giving everyone else a fresh start and shot at the improved prizes.

There's also the new cross-server PvP -- the first time that the feature is being implemented on the live servers -- which hopes to broaden the competitive field.

If it seems as though only the PvP got goodies in this expansion, well, PvE fans also get fresh challenges in the form of new raid bosses that will push teams to the brink of surrender, if not for the powerful new gear that they can obtain after conquering the bosses. Guild building has also been improved, said developers for the online rpg.

What about the storyline, you ask? Well, Eyrda is in danger again as the storm lord Dysil plans to return to the land and inflict utmost pain and suffering to those who do not submit before him. Typical revenge plot although it's made considerably compelling by Dysil's terrifying dragon god form.


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