Forsaken World Announces Blood Harvest Expansion

By Jeff Francis
Forsaken World Blood Harvest expansion

Perfect World Entertainment is adding quite a bit of new content to one of their main mmorpg games. Today, Forsaken World announced the Blood Harvest expansion for the game. One of the new additions is the new Reaper class for the game, but there's quite a bit more content in the upcoming expansion for players to delve into.

Forsaken World Blood Harvest

One of the most vital aspects to the Blood Harvest expansion is that the level cap will be raised to level 90. A new region will also be added, called the Freedom Islands, for gamers to explore. Players of the mmo will also be able to benefit from the inclusion of two new skills for all existing classes, new gear tiers, and a host of new events, bosses, and instances for players to encounter. Gamers will also have their gameplay experience boosted by the addition of new training camps for players above level 60, increased quest rewards for quests lower than level 70, a streamlined Soul Power system, and an optimization of overall leveling.

Perfect World Entertainment Product Manager Justin Scoggins says, "Between the Reapers and the new level cap, returning players will find a ton to experience with this latest expansion. We’ve made some major optimization changes for players of all levels and it’s now easier than ever to make headway into the far reaches of Eyrda, and the frosty new region of Freedom Islands."

All in all, players of Forsaken World can expect a great deal of new content and a smoother playing experience when Blood Harvest is released.


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