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forsaken world awakening expansion launch
Forsaken World heroes will descend into the abyss and confront arch-demons in the newly released Awakening expansion. The Forsaken World Awakening expansion, the 16th to be released for the mmorpg, continues the gripping storyline of the previous Vengeance expansion.After a successful attack against the Storm Legion and opening the path to Freedom Harbor, rpg heroes must now traverse the River Styx where their path forward has been blocked b...
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Jan 23 2016
forsaken world awakening expansion release date
Down we go to the unexplored pits of the Ever Abyss with the release of the new Forsaken World Awakening expansion this January 20. The Forsaken World Awakening expansion is the 16th for the fantasy online rpg, and this latest one focuses on the heroic struggle to take control of the River Styx and defeat the Storm Legion.The Awakening expansion takes players to the mouth of the river via a new map called the Ever Abyss. It also debuts the E...
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Jan 14 2016
forsaken world mobile launch
The mobile successor to Forsaken World has ascended to the iOS and Android platforms, and is now inviting mmorpg fans to join its fold. Forsaken World Mobile has launched for iOS and Android devices on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively, across 92 countries.The Forsaken World Mobile launch allows players to join one of two US servers, Deathbane or Duskmire, or the EU server of Relinquere based on their location. As a ha...
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Jul 24 2015
Forsaken World Freedom Falls expansion launches February 4
With so much scrutiny on some of the other Perfect World Entertainment's mmo games in their stable, such as Neverwinter and Swordsman Online, you could be forgiven for thinking that Forsaken World was...well, forsaken. However, you would be wrong in that assumption as PWE has announced a new Forsaken World expansion called Freedom Falls that will launch on February 4th.An official Forsaken World release states, "Following an invasion from the...
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Jan 21 2015
Forsaken World Blood Harvest expansion
Perfect World Entertainment is adding quite a bit of new content to one of their main mmorpg games. Today, Forsaken World announced the Blood Harvest expansion for the game. One of the new additions is the new Reaper class for the game, but there's quite a bit more content in the upcoming expansion for players to delve into.One of the most vital aspects to the Blood Harvest expansion is that the level cap will be raised to level 90. A new reg...
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Apr 17 2014
forsaken world dysils wrath expansion
The free to play mmo has released its latest Dysil's Wrath expansion that ushers in a bloody new arena season. Fitting to its name, Dysil’s Wrath riles up the Forsaken World servers for intense conflicts. Players will get to participate in a brand-new arena season, resetting the leaderboards and giving everyone else a fresh start and shot at the improved prizes. There's also the new cross-server PvP -- the first time that the feature is being i...
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Nov 23 2013
forsaken world jubilee flying mount
Forsaken World developers are calling the Jubilee flying mount “the craziest mount to ever be released” for the free rpg – and we kind of agree. Released in time for the Thanksgiving and Black Friday holidays through the Boutique, the Jubilee flying mount shown in the video below is bursting with color and animations. It’s as if one of those ponies in a children’s carousel came to life.Here’s the official description from Forsaken World deve...
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Nov 27 2012
forsaken world frostgale fjord battleground
The frigid north plays host to the new Forsaken World battleground, Frostgale Fjord, pitting teams of 12 against each other in an almost half-hour brawl. Forsaken World breaks open the gates to Frostgale Fjord through a freshly released content update, which also includes expanded Soul Power Trees, and a trove of new weapons, guild treasure and guild quests. Frostgale Fjord is located in the far north of Oester, according to the complete patch ...
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Aug 23 2012